Tremendous Professionalism, Fabulous Fare

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15129065_1739058716417344_2697924425043565732_oGood afternoon! I’ve been meaning to call or write and to let you know how grateful and appreciative I was/am of your tremendous professionalism, fabulous fare, and kind heart before, during, and after of beautiful wedding and reception. When we spoke just a few weeks before John and my wedding and I was very specific about the quality of the food and service I expected on the big day; you and your staff exceeded our expectations! I wanted our guests to feel as if each meal was prepared specifically for them and I got feedback that this was achieved. The food was beautiful and divinely delectable.

I heard the most amazing reviews from my friends and family. My vegan guests were so pleased that we served a meatless option and were singing your praises. The best feedback came from my sister-in-law; I can just about quote her word for word

“The meal was fantastic. Not only was it the best wedding food I have ever had, it was probably the best meal I’ve ever eaten!” This just blew me away. I was tickled pink and so proud of the choices we put together. I know my aunt also raved about you to the hotel she stayed at and gave them your information for future referrals.

Thank you for always being there for my husband and I throughout the process. It was a HUGE deal that you answered your phone each time we called and promptly responded to our questions and requests. You had such a warm and welcoming energy and disposition over the phone and in-person that put us at ease. You were a joy to work with and I can’t thank you enough for helping John deliver the kegs the following morning. That was just too cool and speaks to your character.

You are a wonderful person and a tremendous chef. I wish you the best of luck and great success with your business. We hope to use you in the future for another fabulous event!

With a full heart, pleased palate, and satisfied belly, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Sam and John’s Wells Wedding October 1, 2016

-Sam Graves