We have just finished our first year, and it was fantastic. It was fun as a family affair. My father David Crook, who is a retired CPA did all the financials. My wife Suree who helped in all aspects of the business and juggled a tough schedule for our son Tyler (who has just turned six). He is ready to work…  at such a young age! We have taught him to peel potatoes since he wants to help and be with us as much as possible.  They all were instrumental to our success, freeing me up to concentrate on food preparations and service. My mother even got busy making fresh dessert and breads for us.

Using my thirty years of  a professional chef, it has been a delight to produce weddings and other events from both ends of the spectrum: bookings, planning, cooking, and executing events, while talking to many fun and interesting people who love food.

We are catering a wedding this summer at their lake house in Maine. They said  the menu I designed for them brought back down many fine memories.

They have traveled around the world such as I have and so many of the food items they experienced, We put on their menu without knowing their background. We put ahi poke on the menu, a dish from Hawaii which was the first meal they had when they met in Hawaii. The Thai foods and Latin suggestions hit the mark without having to edit the menu.

We spoke for three hours mostly talking about traveling. This is going to be an epic event due to their energy and details for the cuisine. They said the food is most important and want the guest to remember it.

We have done many renovations to our kitchen to make it more user friendly, and produce a higher volume this year. We worked on the kitchen truck so we can cook most of the food on site to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

Thanks to everyone for their support, especially our fantastic staff as well as the lady’s who rock The  Abenakee Golf Club in Biddeford pool.

Aloha from C2C

The Crook Family

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